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Live Younger, Leaner & Stronger in As Little As 15 Minutes A Week

Osteoporosis, Type II diabetes and fat gain are at epidemic proportions.  In fact, 44 million Americans are now living with low bone health.  Our bodies are aging at an alarming pace.  According to research, we are losing 5lbs. of muscle and 10% of our bone density every decade!!

Our mission at Abstract is to help our clients live 15 years younger in as little at 15 minutes a week.  Every private one on one Abstract exercise session is designed to cause change.  In just 15 minutes of proper exercise your body will be told to make a dramatic transformation by adding new lean muscle and stronger bones.  An added benefit is this new muscle will rev up your metabolism helping to shed fat with a proper diet.  How would adding 3 lbs. of lean muscle, increasing bone strength and losing 18-22lbs. of fat fit into your health goals?

A private Abstract exercise program will help you live leaner, younger and stronger in just minutes a week.  Train in the clothes you wear to work, no sweating, no mirrors and no one watching you train.  At Abstract we have no contracts, no initiations and the first week is FREE. Check out our locations page and find the Abstract that is most convenient for you and give us a call to set up your free week.  Come experience how a proper 15 minute exercise program can transform your life without taking your time from you!!  Abstract is a program of freedom!  Don’t buy into the myth that exercise is about how much you do but come learn that it is really about how good the exercise is.