15 Minutes Really?

The Abstract Method


“Since starting Abstract I have lost 12 sizes and a total of 87 lbs. I am stronger and younger and can now buy clothes off the rack. Abstract has helped my health issues, type II diabetes and blood pressure.  No extra exercise.”          -Dave Mann




The Abstract Method

Abstract Bodyworks is a different perspective on health and aging. We are constantly in a battle against time. It doesn’t make sense that in order to prolong our lives we have to spend so much of our precious time in the gym. Today’s fitness clubs are custom-made for the 18-35 year old with time and energy to burn. Abstract’s mission, through our AGE DEFYING EXERCISE,  is to give you your time and your youth back. We saw a need to reach the 40 and above crowd with a program tailored just for them. A program designed to help them grow Leaner, Stronger and Younger in just minutes a week!

At Abstract we don’t need contracts… your results will keep you coming back. We have many clients who have been with us for years. They are here because it works. Eventually everyone realizes the truth: that spending hours a week exercising is neither REALISTIC nor EFFECTIVE. At Abstract we don’t pressure you to work out as much as possible. Exercise should be about how LITTLE it takes to achieve your desired result.

What does that mean for YOU? FREEDOM!!  Freedom to go on vacation, freedom to spend time with your family, and freedom from guilt. A proper exercise program is NOT about bondage. You control exercise; it doesn’t control you. Less Time – Better Results!  Life is meant to be lived but not inside some gym, exercise class or on a treadmill!!  Come find out how an Abstract Program of FREEDOM can transform your life without guilt, without stress and without hours spent in a typical gym program and contract.

How does 15 minutes a week sound?   Freeing?