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Body Mass (BMI) or Muscle Mass: Which Is More Important for a Long, Healthy Life?

Americans are obsessed with the notion that they need to be thin to be healthy.  Stores are filled with “diet” foods, reduced fat and sugar free options that suggest if we eat them, we will be healthy.  Print and television ads overwhelmingly show thin people, implying that you must be thin to be healthy. The fitness industry has focused on …

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Whole Body Health part 2

Most of us spend alot of time worrying about life.  Life issues, meaning money, work, family and our health. Interesting is the fact that without the last one, our health, we really can’t effect the others. To make money or take care of the family we need to be strong and  healthy.  At Abstract Bodyworks we design programs to not …

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Not all personal training is equal!!

Looking into and starting a proper exercise program is essential in the control of the disease of Aging! (Osteoporosis, Fat gain and Type II Diabetes to name a few symptoms of the aging disease).  There’s the rub.  How do I choose or compare what is a proper program of change for me?   What  are the most important things I …

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