Iron and Steel

“Though I have come from the traditional view that spending hours in the gym each week is the only way to go, I have found that the principles applied in this 30-minute-a-week program not only work, but are based on solid research. As they like to say, ‘The body cannot help but change with this regimen to live stronger, longer.’ There is simply no exercise program more scientifically founded.”-Dr. Patrick Ogilvie


The Principles of Abstract

Proper Equipment:

Our unique equipment is specifically designed for our type of slow, high-intensity training. Each piece is designed for proper muscle and joint function. Safe, efficient, and effective. No guess work or wasted time!!

Proper Environment:

You don’t need to sweat. Sweating is just a response to an overheated condition. Our environment is 65 degrees, no mirrors, no music, no distractions. No special workout clothes or having to shower after your workout! Saving you time and headache!

Private Training:

One-on-one PRIVATE,  personal training for every client. That’s all we do. From the minute you walk in the door, the equipment is set, the plan is in place… you’re ready to go. Taking the guess work out of your progress! Every session designed for your RESULTS!!

The Abstract Method:

It’s not about who you train with… it’s how you train. The power of Abstract is our single voice. We use one plan and one protocol; it works for everyone. It is a plan designed around your results. It doesn’t matter who you train with at Abstract, you’ll be getting the same consistent Abstract method. Slow controlled exercise that not only is very effective and efficient but also very safe . This proper training will produce 50% better results in 1/10th the time of a "typical" exercise program.  Proper exercise with a plan for your success in mind. A program to work around your schedule, not ours!!


Freedom from initiation fees!  Freedom from binding contracts!                                    Freedom from intimidation!    Freedom from exercise guilt!