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At Abstract we understand that the hardest thing to do when starting an exercise program is, walking through the door.

No mirrors, no music and no one watching you! Just you, training in a private, cool environment. This is how Abstract helps you feel comfortable with your new program.

Also at Abstract, you have no contracts or start up fees! You don’t buy a certain number of sessions up front or pay some form of “initiation  fee” to get started.

We want you to understand how an Abstract program can transform your life in a little as 15 minutes a week, so the first week is ON US!  Call us at any one of our five locations and tell us how you want to change your life. We will schedule your two free workouts with one of our trainers and then YOU decide if this makes sense for you!  No pressure, guilt, contracts or high pressure sales!

Start your Happy Ending Today by living 15 years stronger, leaner and younger in as little as 15 minutes a week. Your new Abstract program is just an email or call away. How soon do you want to transform your Life? Contact us today for your 2 free sessions.  That is Abstracts Program of Freedom! Come try our Age Defying 15 minute exercise program.


“There is no better word to describe the program than ‘Abstract.’ They completely blew up my old paradigm of exercise and weight loss.  I am free from constant visits to the gym, and I’m finally seeing results.  I lost 26 lbs in 8 weeks and 98 lbs total.”          -Daniel Hunt