Fat Loss


“The Fat Loss Challenge helped motivate me. After 18 lbs of fat loss, I have more energy and I’m just stronger in my everyday life.  It worked so well, I’m going to do it again.”          -Linda Jackson



Abstract Fat Loss Challenge

It is an 8-week comprehensive fat-loss program for our clients to lose 18-23 lbs of fat. The program entails weekly weigh-ins, daily journaling, and before and after dexa scans for body composition. All these tools are designed to help keep you accountable to your program, improve your rate of success, and increase your total amount of fat loss.

How would losing 23 lbs of fat in just 8 weeks affect how you live your life? If your mission is to get stronger and look leaner, this challenge is for you. Remember: real change takes a challenge.

*Our Dexa Scan Bone-densiometer is the gold-standard for body composition.  It gives us a pinpoint, accurate picture of your fat percentage, lean muscle mass and bone density. This is our before and after picture of who you really are!

*Next component is the Meal and Menu plan. We understand at Abstract how hard it is to start an exercise program let alone also start controlling diet too. We have made that easy. You help us design a meal plan that fits what you enjoy eating    not what some other person wants you to eat.  This plan has menus, shopping and food exchange list.  Allowing you to tailor your meals to what foods you enjoy!  How will it feel to be able to shed pounds but still eat the foods YOU want?  Freeing?!

*Our newest addition to the  Abstract Challenge,  is the Edge Tracking program.  This is our clients fat loss tracking tool for success!  Tracking their Fat Loss, Lean Muscle increase, Hydaration and your daily food journal.  The new Edge program is fat loss made easy.  No guess work just great information.  Information is Transformation!

* Last but certainly not least is the Abstract exercise plan.  As with the Meal and menu plan,  this program is planned for your success.  Every exercise session will produce change.  More lean muscle, stronger bones and a more Youthful you.   More muscle means you burn more calories at rest,  a faster metabolism or BMR. This helps you burn more fat 24/7!   No music or distractions, just you and your trainer!  Train in the clothes you wear to work,  in a cool environment with  no sweating.  Get in, work out and get back out to finish your day.  By the way, NO Contracts EVER !!

Come find out more about how the Abstract Challenge Fat Loss program can transform your life in as little as 15 minutes a week!  The first week of training is on us. Go to our locations page and find the Abstract Bodyworks studio that is most convienent and give us a call or stop by. We would love to set you up for two free exercise sessions so you can get you mind wrapped around how your body will change is such a short time. Life is supposed to be lived but not inside a gym!   No contracts, not initiations, no start up fees and most importantly, no guilt.

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