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Abstract Newbury a Gem!!

Just got back from a wonderful visit to our first International Partner in Newbury, England. I have to say what a perfect trip! Stephen and Pat McKinnon are the perfect Abstract owners and have brought the Abstract philosophy of living younger in as little as 15 minutes to the U.K. with absolute precision. Not only is the equipment kit (England …

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New Year Hype- not about how much EXERCISE but the QUALITY

Here we are again at the first of the New Year!  2014 already. Man I'm getting old!  Nice thing though is I'm not growing old. In fact so far this year I am using more resistance on my workout then I was last year at this time. Not alot mind you but still more. This brings me to my next …

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Not all personal training is equal!! #2

In my last blog on personal training I have attempted to show that exercise has and needs definition. Not all human movement is exercise. Most exercise pursuits today are recreation! I am sorry to be the one to tell you this but running or jogging or body pump etc. do not fit the definition of proper exercise.  A true, well designed …

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Whole Body Health part 2

Most of us spend alot of time worrying about life.  Life issues, meaning money, work, family and our health. Interesting is the fact that without the last one, our health, we really can’t effect the others. To make money or take care of the family we need to be strong and  healthy.  At Abstract Bodyworks we design programs to not …

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