Whole Body Health part 2

Most of us spend alot of time worrying about life.  Life issues, meaning money, work, family and our health. Interesting is the fact that without the last one, our health, we really can’t effect the others. To make money or take care of the family we need to be strong and  healthy.  At Abstract Bodyworks we design programs to not only help a client stay leaner and stronger but do this in as little as 15 minutes a week. Whole Body health really has to be a program that is sustainable. Working out 30 minutes a week is something that almost anyone’s  schedule can handle.  Three hours a week, not so much.  How important to your life is time?  According to research time is number one when looking at starting any new exercise program. In fact if an exercise program takes more than 90 minutes a week the trainee will quit in less then 90 days and never to go back.

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Abstract is Expanding! part 2



Just a quick update and introduction. The new Abstract private training studio in Magnolia Parke is now open!! Yeh! All of us are so excited and very pleased to bring this new training studio to the beautiful Gainesville, Florida area. Our mission at Abstract is to help our clients live Stronger, Leaner and Younger in as little as 15 minutes a week. If you could boil Abstract down to one word,  that word would be FREEDOM!  Freedom from contracts, guilt and lost time.

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Not all personal training is equal!!

Looking into and starting a proper exercise program is essential in the control of the disease of Aging! (Osteoporosis, Fat gain and Type II Diabetes to name a few symptoms of the aging disease).  There’s the rub.  How do I choose or compare what is a proper program of change for me?   What  are the most important things I should be looking for?

Glad you asked! Exercise needs a definition.  A word that means everything  really means nothing.  Not all movement is exercise!  Ken Hutchins, the developer of the Superslow exercise protocol and now of, has said it best: ” Exercise is a process whereby the body performs work of a demanding nature, in accordance with muscle and joint function, in a clinically controlled environment, within the constraints of safety, meaningfully loading the muscular structures to inroad their strength levels to stimulate a growth mechanism within minimum time”.

What this all means and has to do with the topic of personal training will be addressed in my next blog entry. Suffice it to say that very little of the personal training out in the market place would satisfy the definition of what exercise is.


Whole Body Health – Part 1

As our slogan states, our goal is to make you look younger and live stronger. To succeed in this, our goal is to educate you on a way of life that will give you freedom and ultimately bring you happiness in an area that people so often find discouraging and difficult. Our philosophy boils down to two elements: exercise versus recreation, to put it another way, physical health versus mental health. You see, there is a common misconception in today’s society and that is that you cannot be having fun if you are exercising, that if you are exercising the way you SHOULD be, in a clinical and sterile environment, it should be painful. We want to change the way you think. To see that your body is wonderfully complex and it has systems in place that are designed to maintain health, the problem is that in today’s society we do not use those systems so our health declines.

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