New Abstract across the pond! #2

JpegJust wanted to give a quick update and shout out to our newest Abstract Private, Personal training studio over in Newbury, England!!

Pat and Stephen are doing amazing things there in Newbury. Already pushing 10 new clients to new health and strength and making us proud to be part of what they are doing to bring proper exercise without guilt to the UK.  The club is improving everyday as they bring their own strengths to the Abstract model.  These two are workers and are looking for anyway they can to get the Abstract message out  about how their clients can live young(strong muscles and bones) in as little as 15 minutes a week without spending their lives in a gym. Abstract is the un-gym model,  built around proper exercise and equipment to make every training session create change for our clients. No maybes here, just body transformation our clients expect!

If you get a chance stop over and see Pat and Stephen and try 2 free private, sessions on us. See how they can change the way you look at exercise and aging. Live Younger, Leaner and Stronger in as little as 15 minutes a week and do this in your everyday clothes. Remember at Abstract Precision exercise – No contracts, EVER!! Jeff

Osteoporosis the game changer! #2


Dexa scan at Lacey Abstract!

It’s that time of the year again here in 2013 where almost everyone you know is talking about their New Year Resolution to lose

Dexa scan

Strong bones!

weight and “get into shape” ! The problem with this of course is that the statistics show that 9 out of 10 will fail at this in the next 90 days. Not great news for those with the right idea but really no plan at HOW to reach their goals. I am here to tell you that fat gain and muscle loss is only a small part of the story. Think BONES!! Lets look at the problem:

1) Tufts University research from their Biomarkers of Aging program shows us that humans(all of us) are losing 1/2 of a pound of lean muscle and 1% of our bone strength(density) every year of life after the age of 25-30!!  The loss is slow but adds up over a decade. When we hit 45 years of age we have lost 10lbs. of muscle and up to 20% of our bone strength. By the time we reach 65 we have lost 30- 40% of our bone mass and are on our way to Osteoporosis and maybe even a bone fracture.  Not a good path to be on. I will show you the good news about this in just a bit.

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Happy Anniversary Gainesville Abstract Bodyworks!!

Wow, I can’t believe that it has been over a year since Robin and Ken Kepler (with all their great staff) became the next Abstract family memeber. Truth be told I am a little late at getting to this but because they have done such an incredible job and have had such great success I couldn’t put it off any longer. What can I say about the Florida, east coast flagship? Not only have Robin and Ken added much to who Abstract is but they have put together a staff of trainers and techs that are second to none.  We are very proud of all of them. Over the last year they have adapted the Abstract principles to working with their clients to help them succeed in transforming their lives. Through proper exercise they are giving them back more time to do the things that THEY enjoy. Their clients are adding lean muscle, losing fat and growing younger in as little as 15 minutes a week.

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New Abstract across the pond!

Abstract Bodyworks, Newbury London locationSome exciting news!!  Just opening in Newbury, England is the latest family member to Abstract. Pat and Stephen McKinnon (long time friends and clients) have just opened an Abstract Precision Exercise studio in Newbury just outside of London. We are very excited and very proud to be able to take the message of living Stronger, Leaner and Younger in as little as 15 minutes a week to the UK.  We couldn’t have found better partners then Pat and Stephen.

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