Abstract Newbury a Gem!!

Just got back from a wonderful visit to our first International Partner in Newbury, England. I have to say what a perfect trip! Stephen and Pat McKinnon are the perfect Abstract owners and have brought the Abstract philosophy of living younger in as little as 15 minutes to the U.K. with absolute precision. Not only is the equipment kit (England speak for equipment package) very close to all of our Abstract studios but their training is caring and precise. The Newbury clients I had the pleasure of meeting and training, are loving how quickly they are seeing changes and doing so in just minutes a week. Pat and Stephen have a knack for bringing out the best in their clients. They are training them with the proper techniques and always with their clients needs in mind. In fact, while I was there we had a number of chats (again England speak for talking with a client) to really go over their needs. The staff at Abstract Newbury really understands that it is about the client that makes a difference not about Abstract. Very heart warming to watch and see the Abstract philosophy being done so well. Pat and Stephen are the perfect Abstract ambassadors. Understanding, caring and compassionate.

So to say my trip was a success is to say the least. I was overjoyed to see what Stephen and Pat have done and how well it is being received in the U.K. I would be very happy to send any of my clients over to them and it would seem almost seamless. So if you are planning a trip accross the pond or you live in the U.K. and want to start living YOUNGER, please stop by for a training session with Pat or Stephen in Newbury!  Oh I almost forgot, I also had the distinct pleasure of meeting and certifying the newest Abstract staff memeber and part of the Abstract family, Ian Lay. Ian is a perfect fit for Abstract. He is a retired police officer with the right stuff to help Abstract clients reach their goals. What really makes Ian unique is how quickly he got it. In other words, even though skeptical that 15 minutes can really do the job, Ian came in and started a training program with an open mind. Now after months of training and study under his belt he is ready to take on this new career and passion with gusto.  Passing his certification with flying colors, Ian is on his way to helping others reach new hieghts in physical strength and helping them understand that it isn't about how much exercise you get but the quality of it. Good luck Ian and you are doing a great job!!