New Year Hype- not about how much EXERCISE but the QUALITY

Here we are again at the first of the New Year!  2014 already. Man I'm getting old!  Nice thing though is I'm not growing old. In fact so far this year I am using more resistance on my workout then I was last year at this time. Not alot mind you but still more. This brings me to my next topic. We at Abstract help our clients live younger, leaner and stronger in as little as 15 minutes a week. I know that's hard to get your mind around but that is what we do. Over the last 15 years we have helped hundreds of them live better with stronger bones, reversal of Type II Diabetes and more lean muscle.Your YOUTH is defined by your STRENGTH!  The problem becomes one of not how much time per workout but one of consistency also.

Yes many of us at the start of a new year, decide to "get in shape" (whatever that really means) and join a gym or training studio with great gusto. Many of these people go into there gym of choice 4-6 days a week spending 45-90 minutes a time in pursuit of there health goals. Then over the next 30-60 days things start to happen!  All of a sudden they find that all this time spent exercising hasn't really brought much change and life is also starting to get in the way. The realisation of how much time spent in the club away from family and those important parts of life begins to take it's toll. If all this time and effort is spent for very little return then what's the point?  They finally say to themselves that enough is enough and stop going to their exercise program altogether. They fade back to the life they had before, saying to themselves that it just isn't worth it or I just can't seem to change. Sound familiar?

How would it be, if not only can you reach your specific goals you want to achieve but do so in just minutes a week, training in your everyday clothes? Yes it can be done. The body changes do to stimulus not work or how much exercise you do. At Abstract we design your program around what you want out of it and then make sure you are progressing safley and efficiently. Every workout is supervised and is designed to cause change. No hit or miss or hoping you are doing the right thing. Your body then responds at rest. That's right, your changes are do to rest as much as do to the exercise!  In fact all exercise is bad for you it is the RESPONSE to the exercise you are after and that happens away from the gym, at REST!!

So remember it's not about going to the gym more often or exercising longer but it is about the quality of the work or exercise the body receives. Then it is just a matter of getting away from the club and resting fully before going for another workout. Also remember that it took years to fall out of shape and become weak so it will take more then just a couple of months to get to where you want to go. That said though, you should start to see real results in a matter of weeks if you are training properly!  It really isn't rocket science but we, as humans, seem to hold onto myths very hard. If you are looking for real change and don't want to give up your life to a gym, come try a couple of free sessions on us. Give one of our studios a call and come see how 15 minutes of true exercise can transform your life. No contracts or start up fees ever and you can quit anytime you want. Abstract clients stay because of their changes not because of a contract. Jeff