Coming Soon to an Abstract near YOU!!


Proper exercise will help you live younger with more muscle and stronger bones!

I wanted to take a little bit of time and intro a new program for Abstract Exercise. As you all know well our mission at Abstract is to help our clients live at least 15 years younger in as little as 15 minutes a week. How is this possible? Through proper exercise and instruction many of our clients have dropped inches and added lean muscle in just weeks.  Our program is not based on work but the right amount of effort to demand change from every exercise session.  How would a 13-18 lb. fat loss and an increase of 3 lbs. of lean muscle in just minutes a week affect your life? What these changes do is effectively make you a fat burner not a fat producer.

Now the kicker!!  We are very excited with the results from our new Abstract Build Bone Now program.  If YOUR mission is to live young then you need more then strong muscles and a lean body, YOU need strong bones!! Remember you can be LEAN and FRAIL, FAT and FRAIL but you can not be STRONG and FRAIL!  Our new Build Bone Now program is designed to add 6-10% bone strength to your bones in just 6 months.  This is like taking 10 years off your age.  This will transform the way you will live your life and help rewind your aging clock.  How would living your life without the fear of a bone fracture and also feeling young and confident  into your 80’s be?   Live Strong and Live Young!!

So be on the look out for our announcement of the starting of our Build Bone Now program. We will be starting this in March, 2013 and will be at our Lacey and Tumwater clubs first.  The program is designed as a comprehensive program around proper exercise, rest,  nutrition and information. It will include a new bone supplement, developed by 5 Orthopedic surgeons where they have shown 16% increases in bone density in only one year.  This is amazing! Also the program will include 8-9 training sessions a month with 3 Dexa scans over the 6 month period to give us the proper information to keep you on the right track.  Start living younger by adding new bone and lean muscle with Abstracts new Build Bone Now program and rewind that aging clock!!

Here is a great book from one of the researchers at Tufts University on the Biomarkers of Aging. The lead domino in our aging process is the loss of lean muscle of around 1/2 a pound every year. along with this is the loss of 1% bone density. Read this book and see how a proper exercise program will help you live YOUNGER!!     Jeff