Osteoporosis the game changer! #2


Dexa scan at Lacey Abstract!

It’s that time of the year again here in 2013 where almost everyone you know is talking about their New Year Resolution to lose

Dexa scan

Strong bones!

weight and “get into shape” ! The problem with this of course is that the statistics show that 9 out of 10 will fail at this in the next 90 days. Not great news for those with the right idea but really no plan at HOW to reach their goals. I am here to tell you that fat gain and muscle loss is only a small part of the story. Think BONES!! Lets look at the problem:

1) Tufts University research from their Biomarkers of Aging program shows us that humans(all of us) are losing 1/2 of a pound of lean muscle and 1% of our bone strength(density) every year of life after the age of 25-30!!  The loss is slow but adds up over a decade. When we hit 45 years of age we have lost 10lbs. of muscle and up to 20% of our bone strength. By the time we reach 65 we have lost 30- 40% of our bone mass and are on our way to Osteoporosis and maybe even a bone fracture.  Not a good path to be on. I will show you the good news about this in just a bit.

2) From this loss of lean tissue, we lose our BMR or RMR (resting metabolic rate) at around 7-10% per decade. This means we are becoming fat producers not fat burners. 10 lbs. of muscle loss is around 250 calories less per day that your body is burning at rest! Ever wonder why that the same diet you ate at 25 is now making you fat at 45? This is the reason we are putting on fat now.

3) With this loss of muscle comes two other very important changes that make our lives harder. 1) with this loss of 10lbs. of muscle we also lose the bodies ability to store energy. A fact you don’t hear much about but 70% of the bodies energy to do everyday task is stored in our muscle. Only 30% of energy is stored in the liver for use during the day!!  If you are 45 or above you know what I am talking about. Before you could work all day and then play all night but now you come home tired looking to just kick off those work shoes and relax and go to bed early.  Not what most of us had hoped for. 2) From the drop in metabolism is the increase in fat storage. Every decade of loss is and increase of around 5-7 lbs. of fat added to our body. This is what most are seeing and really don’t know how to control this problem and reverse it. 3) Finally and probably the worst of all is this loss of bone mass and strength.  20% loss of bone density means we are giving up our bodies(our house we live in) foundation. The strength of our body comes from the strength of our bones. At Abstract our most important message that we all need to understand tht it is not about being skinny but really about how strong your muscles and bones are.

Now the good news; our mission at Abstract Bodyworks is to not only stop the loss of muscle and bone( atrophy and osteoporosis) but reverse it! An Abstract private exercise program is designed to, in just 15 minutes each exercise session,  tell the body to keep and add new lean muscle and bone. In fact we have seen some of our clients add 10% bone back to the structure in less then a year. This is taking more then 10 years off their age!! Along with the increase in bone strength comes the adding of new lean , calorie burning muscle. Most clients add 3 lbs. of new muscle in just 8 weeks. How would this affect your life? No fear of bone fractures and new lean muscle to shape your body while you lose fat fast.  Our Mission at Abstract Bodyworks is to help our clients live 15 years younger in as little as 15 minutes a week! Don’t buy into the myth that you need to spend hours a day to see any return on investment. You body doesn’t respond to how much exercise but the quality of the exercise. Getting older does not mean we need to get weaker and have weak bones. A properly designed program will stop this loss and reverse it.  Remember – You can be Lean and Frail or Fat and Frail but you ” CAN’T be STRONG and Frail”! Live younger, Leaner and stronger in as little as 15 minutes a week. Come try 2 free sessions and really get your mind wrapped around how proper exercise will transform your life without taking your time away from you.  No contracts – No intimidation- No special workout clothes(just your everyday clothes) -No sweating –  most important, No GUILT!.