New Abstract across the pond!

Abstract Bodyworks, Newbury London locationSome exciting news!!  Just opening in Newbury, England is the latest family member to Abstract. Pat and Stephen McKinnon (long time friends and clients) have just opened an Abstract Precision Exercise studio in Newbury just outside of London. We are very excited and very proud to be able to take the message of living Stronger, Leaner and Younger in as little as 15 minutes a week to the UK.  We couldn’t have found better partners then Pat and Stephen.

How did an Abstract find its way across the Pond? It is a long story but to be brief, both Pat and Stephen were clients of ours from years back. In fact, Pat was probably our first HIT training client in the first club we had down in Portland, OR. This was close to 14 years ago!  Wow, how time marches on. Through the years of training Pat and then her husband Stephen, we became closer and had many discussion on life, business and training.  Understand that the couple originally were from England and through Stephens career of working as a VP for a major tech company, they traveled from Portland to all over the world. As Stephens career with the tech company came to a close, they began looking for their next passion. That passion was bringing proper exercise to those who need it most, those of us 50 years and above!  Abstract became the focus of this as they were still training hard down in Portland but were being called home to England to be around family and freinds. We had many planning meetings and training get togethers and decided that Newbury would be a great place to take the Abstract concept of living younger. Over the next year, Stephen and Pat did lots of research into how to bring an Abstract club to the UK and  began the steps necessary to make a huge splash into the private, personal training market in Newbury. That is just one of the unique parts of this dynamic duo, they do their homework!  Proper business sense and proper exercise. Doesn’t get better than that!!

We are looking forward to 2013 with the belief that now is the time for the Abstract mission of exercise Freedom to be taught all over the world. From the East Coast at Gainesville to the West Coast in Olympia to now in Newbury, England. Our mission is to help our clients live 15 years younger in as little as 15 minutes a week!  NO Contracts, No Mirrors and no one watching you train. At Abstract, a client will never train more than 2 times a week and many will train as little as 1 time a week. No exercise bondage and best of all- NO GUILT!!   Remember it’s not about how much exercise the body can handle but how little exercise it takes to get the results you want!!  Then with all the extra time you save, go out and enjoy YOUR life.

Here is a link to their UK website.