Not all personal training is equal!! #3

Thanks Paul,

You have discovered (because you have a mind to) what I discovered years ago.  I was training 1 1/2 to 2 hours a day 6 days a week, thats almost 12 hours of exercise a week.  This did not include drive time and showering and changing.  I had modest improvement at first but gains always slowed and I saw very little in strength or muscle. I did this for around six years. Then one day we recieved a new chrome line of Nautilus into our club. I laughed at it with the other muscle heads. stating of course that this is for the weak and not for serious lifters. Oh how wrong I was.

The athletic director of the club said “look before you laugh and giggle come try a Nautilus workout.”  So I put my body where my mouth was and OMG, what a difference. In just over 25 minutes I was fried. Fried and more fatigued then any workout I had ever done.  After my recovery, the same guy gave me a Nautils training book by Dr. Darden.  I took it home, read it, re-read it and the rest now is history.  Never going back to 2 hour workouts and in fact now training around 48 minutes a month!!   Thats right a month.

Going slower is safer, more productive and extremly efficient way to train. I’m not loooking to go to the gym and spend my time being pumped and have others be impressed, I’m looking to train hard, get out and live young.  To live young, you have to be strong!!  You can be lean and frail, fat and frail but you can’t be STRONG and frail!

We should be looking for ways to make exercise harder, safer and more effective. In other words doing only enough exercise to produce change, not trying to see how much exercise the body can take. That is the real plan of Abstract.  A program to give a clients the results they need while not taking away their time and alot of their life.  One word really describes Abstract, FREEEDOM!!


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