Not all personal training is equal!! #2

In my last blog on personal training I have attempted to show that exercise has and needs definition. Not all human movement is exercise. Most exercise pursuits today are recreation! I am sorry to be the one to tell you this but running or jogging or body pump etc. do not fit the definition of proper exercise.  A true, well designed and safe program will, after each exercise session, stimulate the body to respond, at rest, with new lean muscle, stronger bones and an increased metabolic rate. Exactly how does running increase lean muscle or strengthen the bone structure?

This being said, exercise also needs to be done in the proper environment.  What is the proper environment for training? I am glad you asked!  At Abstract our clients train in a cool 66-68 degree private room with just them and a trainer. The training room is free from distractions that plague most training gyms such as music , TV monitors, other people watching or milling about etc.  The room is quiet so the trainee can focus and get the most from their session. They are coached one on one with a trained instructor,  on how to properly do each exercise  every time they come through our door.  Each client will have their instructor’s undivided attention. No phones or interruptions. This is what a proper environment should be like. Quiet, safe and cool.

Also, let me say a few words about the equipment of the proper training studio.  The equipment should be built for proper muscle and joint function. Following how the body moves. In other words, the equipment is built around you not stuffing you into the equipment.  Each piece should be correctly built for any body or condition.  It should be able to fit the most deconditioned client to the most advanced. Any Age , Any Body, Any condition!  This is a big problem in the personal training realm.  Most studios now incorporate stability balls, a freehand floor exercise and functional training.  This all sounds well and good till some one gets hurt. Most clients come with  issues from life, putting their feet in hanging straps from the ceilling or having them lay across a inflated ball is not the safest way to train someone. it is difficult enough to focus on a proper repetition on an exercise machine without also having to balance your weight and be in an unstable position.  This is not proper exercise. In fact. we see this as malpractice and should not ever be done.  At Abstract we use equipment designed to fit anyone. No matter the condition of the client we can fit that person safely within their own condition and help them grow younger and stronger without fear of hurting them.

With the next installment I want to address time as a factor in exercise.


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