Whole Body Health part 2

Most of us spend alot of time worrying about life.  Life issues, meaning money, work, family and our health. Interesting is the fact that without the last one, our health, we really can’t effect the others. To make money or take care of the family we need to be strong and  healthy.  At Abstract Bodyworks we design programs to not only help a client stay leaner and stronger but do this in as little as 15 minutes a week. Whole Body health really has to be a program that is sustainable. Working out 30 minutes a week is something that almost anyone’s  schedule can handle.  Three hours a week, not so much.  How important to your life is time?  According to research time is number one when looking at starting any new exercise program. In fact if an exercise program takes more than 90 minutes a week the trainee will quit in less then 90 days and never to go back.

A proper exercise program will, in as little as 15 minutes, create a stronger, leaner and younger client. Research shows us that every year of life after 30,  we lose 1/2 a pound of muscle and 1% of our bone density, we are growing older.  At Abstract we design a personal program to help our customers live YOUNGER!  More lean muscle, stronger bones and less fat.  This is how an exercise program can transform your life.  Your youth is defined by your strength!  Now that is Whole body health!  An Abstract training client in 6 weeks will lose a clothing size and increase their strength by as much as 30-40%,  effectively growing younger.  Life is challenging, take it head on by being stronger.  Whole Body health does not have to dramactly impact your life. Start a program that helps you make whole body changes without taking your life away!

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