Whole Body Health – Part 1

As our slogan states, our goal is to make you look younger and live stronger. To succeed in this, our goal is to educate you on a way of life that will give you freedom and ultimately bring you happiness in an area that people so often find discouraging and difficult. Our philosophy boils down to two elements: exercise versus recreation, to put it another way, physical health versus mental health. You see, there is a common misconception in today’s society and that is that you cannot be having fun if you are exercising, that if you are exercising the way you SHOULD be, in a clinical and sterile environment, it should be painful. We want to change the way you think. To see that your body is wonderfully complex and it has systems in place that are designed to maintain health, the problem is that in today’s society we do not use those systems so our health declines.

How would you define exercise? Making your heart rate increase? Lifting weights until you feel that “burn” in your muscles? What kinds of exercises are appropriate for health? Running three miles a day? Swimming for an hour? Exercise is truly simply this, it’s sending an ultimatum to the body: “Your protective margins are inadequate. Adapt, enhance, improve, grow, increase… or you will not survive.” Your body responds to this as a threat and it acts accordingly. Our goal at Abstract is to safely activate the defensive mechanisms of your body and your muscles in particular and cause them to respond as they should, by adapting, enhancing and growing. We achieve this through proper  exercises that challenge the muscles and cause them to fail, forcing a system within your body to grow.

For something to be exercise, it has to be demanding in nature and science has proven our method of  slow HIT weight training to be a highly effective means to this end. With this series of articles we are going to explain how this works and how this interconnects with the every-day activities you engage in.

The key is in knowing that you probably have a misconception of what is necessary to look younger and live stronger, it has been given to you your whole life by media and a poor understanding of how the human body works. Our goal is to give you peace of mind and freedom in your daily life. We believe that if you follow our instruction, you will find freedom and health through our program.

Thanks to Ken Hutchins and Renaissanceexercise.com


  1. Dennis Rogers
    Dennis Rogers09-16-2011

    Concratulations on a great website, great message worded in a way that getsa the point across
    Hoping for your continued success!

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